Welcome to Internet Connection

Internet Connection is a newsletter about the internet. I aim to publish 2-3 times a month about whatever interests me about life online.

It’s early days, but if I had to give a summary of what’s driving my interest in writing this newsletter, I’d probably give you the following list:

  • Our relationship with the internet, and how we relate to each other through it

  • What the internet is doing to us individually and collectively

  • Assorted miscellaneous questions that bug me enough to write about

But that’s an awful lot of talk for someone with barely any posts online. So we’ll see how it goes.

Who is Will Patrick?

You mean, aside from a guy with a newsletter? I live in a small non-London UK city with my partner and our two cats. I work in marketing for a software company.

In various previous lives I’ve been a management consultant, a project manager for a retailer, and a wedding photographer. My career makes no sense on paper and I absolutely love it.


I’m easy to reach:

  • Reply to one of my emails (because you’ve subscribed, right?)

  • Or email me directly at willpatrick@substack.com

Tell me something interesting or curious about the internet while you’re at it, too. I dare you.

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